Sunday, January 29, 2017

Raiders of the Lost Art

Legends of Tomorrow
Season 2 Episode 9

That's too bad that Captain Cold isn't a time ghost. He's so important in the comics, they should have kept it open on the show so can come back in the future or something. I think that was a bad idea.

The Star Wars & movie stuff was ok but some of it felt really forced. Darrhk & Merlin in the elevator felt like a scene from Pulp Fiction not a George Lucas movie. Then they were trying to find the spear of destiny in the trash, so turning on the trash compactor made no sense, it could have destroyed the spear.

It was pretty strange that they mentioned Howard the Duck, considering that's a Marvel movie. They should have watched THX 1138 at the end.

So funny how he was lost in the 60s.

It was really stupid that he said he got the name for Legion of Doom from a Hanna Barbera cartoon. That is not how references work.

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