Monday, January 30, 2017

Burning Platform

Season 1 Episode 9

Man, they all hate Aaron, but they love asking him for help. I'm glad that Jonathan said what I said. Elena freely signed that contract. She made her own choice as a consenting adult. That Aaron is still white knighting for her is crazy.

Oh no,  Jonathan's daughter found some weird tech under the bed, was that the water thing?

How the hell is blowing up Inizagi's research facility not a declaration of war?? That is nuts. Julia's mom is a monster. She just damned the whole planet to starvation. They couldn't send any of his research to Spiga electronically??

Even though I liked the scene with the cage fighter & the religious sister of the fighter he killed, he's still annoying.

I liked how he framed poor Chad, who was eating raw pigeons. That is so gross. but his NDA apparently doesn't work very well.

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