Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Edison Effect

Season 1 Episode 10

With the season coming to end, they are trying desperately to make the mom likable by having her be forgiving, now that she's slept with Frank again. It still doesn't change how terrible she's been the entire season. It's too little, too late.

Raimy is still an annoying bitch. She's telling her friend's dad how to behave & still insulting Frank. I'm so glad he corrected her on her condescending attitude. It's like they forgot that he stayed alive as she was a rookie.

Satch is a jerk & I'm not sure where he stands anymore. If he was a real friend he would have explained it all to Frank once he was back from being undercover.

I honestly don't care about the nightingale murderer. Why do they think we are interested in that? This show was supposed to be about a father & daughter coming together, not a generic cop show. At first I was shocked when she shot him, but then Ii realized why she did it. This show doesn't follow the movie's rules, or any other good time travel show's rules, she's going to be shocked next episode.

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