Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Signal Loss

Season 1 Episode 13

The good part of this episode was having the timeline change more than once in the same episode.

Gordo was a lawyer but then she got his father killed & they destroyed the ham radio. Also her fiance was living with her & he got jealous of her talking to her dad all the time!

They gave a mostly happy ending with Julie being alive, even though, thanks to Raimy being a controlling bitch, she got her mother killed in the middle of the episode. Luckily Satch saved the day at the last minute & the mom was alive in another version of the timeline.

That whole thing with Robbie wanting to kill nurses after 20 years was so stupid. They had the stupid son apparently still stalking Raimy & her mom, even though she's a doctor now. I'm so glad it's over considering they ruined the movie.

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