Sunday, January 1, 2017


Season 1 Episode 8

I was wondering why they were all talking to cam girls. It's a little weird that they are all in the same building. I'm pretty sure these days, girls do it from their actual homes.

I was sure that the bomber was a misfire & that he was the original religious but then I couldn't believe why the Assistant DA. was indulging his ridiculous time travel conspiracy. I was shocked at how all of them were travelers! That was nuts. The precision with him being overwritten kind of makes it seem like the director has very good information.

It looks like they are either changing the past, or Phillip is not remembering things precisely anymore. They did change the future though & now things are worse?

Carly's story line is quickly becoming annoying. She threatened a cop in open court but the CPS woman decided to help her, because who cares about evidence, he's a man so he's automatically evil.

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