Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ties That Bind

Season 1 Episode 03

I liked the cool looking city from "The Realm" but then crows attacked him. It was kind of underwhelming that The Realm is filled with crows. I hope that the crows were sent by something else they were running from.

If those are his memories then it should have been the same each time he went under. It was dumb that she did it the second time on her living room floor instead of the bath tub. She knows he's going to get hypothermia because she really didn't explain to him how to avoid it.

I was so glad that there was a tv show with a father & a mother but nope, they are separated & the mom wants to bang the pastor, if she hasn't already.

I thought the bad guy was going to free his friend too, I didn't think he was going to murder that guy. People are going to notice. He has a pregnant wife & a brother. It's too bad that they ruined he death with the really lame way yellowjacket looked at the camera just to show the blood on his glasses.

It's also not clear how Willa was over there. Is that her dad in a coma & over there, texting her? Was she in a coma too?

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