Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Empathy for the Devil


So funny to see Negan & The Governor talking to each other.

They actually killed all those people in the bar with a drone strike! General Toby should have mentioned that they killed all those innocent Americans.

I can see why JD doesn't believe that aliens are real but she's a famous astronaut. He should not be surprised that she spent 13 months on the Seraphim, that should be all other the internet.

Did her alien son really not recognize her? He was ready to get all Oedipal with her!

They clearly did not program robot girl with the 3 laws of robotics because she wanted to be all sexy, how did that even happen?

I'm ok with aliens & robots but an astronaut has perfect aim? That was really stupid. Then she used her perfect aim to kill General Toby!

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