Saturday, January 14, 2017


Season 1 Episode 5

I liked when the evil cowboy met with Ford. That was an interesting scene. It looks like you can hurt other guests, but the hosts will stop you somehow. I can't believe he just poured proto-blood into Teddy & revived him.

"There is no such thing as heroes or villains"

I'm finding the Westworld theme park stories more interesting than the story about the founders. The taking of the nitro & the double cross of the Confederados is what I was hoping to see. That's why I think the daily loops are such a dumb idea. If you go out on a bounty hunt & come back to town a few days later & nothing has changed, you would not enjoy your time in there.

I don't like how the evil cowboy had to scalp someone to even find the map but now the map is everywhere, out in the open.

We got 5 episodes before some feminist garbage. Dolores is a great character because she's positive & optimistic, she's normal. Nobody wants her to be some bad-ass gunslinger. The show is already filled with violent people. It's so stupid. what viewer was actually excited when she changed so suddenly? Nobody. Even the human white hat guy she is with has had a gradual change. It was out of character & it wasn't even good English. Nobody uses the word Damsel that way.

Then the lesbian behavior tech calls a surgeon a "perv" for doing the same thing she did & besides. Nobody has a problem with banging the hosts. Plus she is now suddenly into black men. Just stupid SJW pandering. I guess they did it to offset all the nudity in this episode? It's stupid because it never works.

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