Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Believer


I loved that Eve is so straight that she couldn't have sex with Rachel. I guess she didn't plan for that being part of their relationship.

That's weird that the writing on the cloth calls the wooden stake dangerous miracle. it cured Monroe, is it going to have long term side effects? like curing him of being a Wesen?

WereWu was having neck pains, it must be getting close to the next full moon.

The Furis Rubian guy's wife really did love him, the believers were nuts, they killed Ethan in front of the police & still thought they did the right thing. Even that Judas guy hung himself out of guilt & he didn't even get 30 pieces of silver.

Why didn't they try to perform a normal exorcism with holy water & prayer. Is stabbing a posessed person with Hot Iron really a method that people can survive?

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