Thursday, January 19, 2017

The World's Columbian Exposition

Season 1 Episode 11

This was a good episode with so much history trivia, even if it's not totally accurate, it had Pabst Blue Ribbon, Houdini, Ford & Edison, Cracker Jacks & the Murder Castle! I think they mentioned that on Hellevator.

That was pretty cool that Flynn had someone else try to take care of the other two. Using the multi-murderer was great. Flynn is right though. Lucy made the wrong choice last episode. Would she really not kill baby Hitler? But then she told Wyatt about Holmes knowing Wyatt was going to shoot. She really needs to work on her morals. Is she really a believer in situation ethics?

Garcia's plan to kill individual members of Rittenhouse is dumb, he should go back in time & kill the kid's mom or set the house on fire.

Rufus is so stupid. Rittenhouse can easily teach someone else to pilot the time machine, he's clearly not the only one. He's risking his family's life for these strangers.

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