Monday, January 16, 2017


Season 2 Episode 1

I liked the view into what their life used to be like before Arrival Day but the transition to the present day at the end wasn't clear. I also liked how they destroyed the VFW building using just an invisible force.

They are going to have to explain how the aliens were able to set up an organization & get people to join it before the actual invasion, like the ones who picked up Alan's daughter. My favorite scene was when after his ex-wife was a bitch he said "she stays."

The way the satellites go out & then the power, was really good, It was pretty unnerving. The cell phones should have died too, but I guess the aliens were still using them

The stupid comment by Katie was feminist crap & the show would have been better without it. Being a mother isn't enough? What a way to insult mothers as if they aren't doing enough unless they are serving alcohol to drunks.

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