Friday, January 20, 2017


Teen Wolf
Season 6 Episode 8

Sheriff Stalinski stole this episode. Even though I think this "summoning dead relatives" is the stupidest explanation since the Maenad willed herself into being immortal. Seeing the sheriff remember how he lost his wife was really sad.

The way the sheriff was able to recover everything in his room, makes it seem like the Riders do what I originally thought about erasing human memory only.

They are the only people left in town! Does The Wild Hunt just go town to town erasing people?

Nazi werewolf! Were they watching Grimm?! It turns out that Löwenmensch is a real thing.
I'm so annoyed that Scott didn't attack the riders. Liam did & so did Peter but Scott doesn't? He didn't fight the Lowen-wolf or the Hell Hound. He better beat up some Ghost Riders in the train station.

How does Argent only have 1 weapon? He should have multiple weapons, not just a gun. He's basically a deputy.

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