Friday, January 13, 2017


Teen Wolf
Season 6 Episode 7

"I marked the territory."

This episode was so much better than the last one. It even started with Theo getting his heart ripped out by his sister multiple times in hell, until he accepted his punishment & then he woke up to Malia beating the crap out of him.

I liked how Lydia was able to see the room but the sheriff couldn't & how she threw the jersey at him. That was a pretty good scene. So he conjured his wife? She's a ghost! That's pretty crazy, but it's a good explanation.

I really liked that the Hell Hound was able to talk to the ghost riders in the Farraday cage. Seriously, why did they not call it that? I don't like that they were able to control Parrish.

Cannibal Sylar ate some of the Ghost Rider, for a minute there, I thought he was a vampire but now he has Wild Hunt powers!? Then he erased Corey!

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