Monday, February 6, 2017

Trace Decay

Season 1 Episode 8

I can't believe Maeve slit the surgeon's throat! Maeve was out of control, I don't know why the Asian surgeon doesn't tell anyone. He seems to be incredibly stupid. Why is he helping her & lying to his co-worker. Is he banging her? At least they have that healing foam like on Incorporated.

Maeve was able to change the story by just talking like a narrator, I can't believe he gave her that power. The connection to the dark cowboy was really stupid, plus if she stabbed herself in the lab, that means she was malfunctioning before the reveries.

It makes no sense that the woman they found alive was left there for them to find.

D'oh, Teddy remembered how the dark cowboy raped Dolores! The test he designed for himself was incredibly stupid. Isn't being lawless what most people do there? Besides shooting a robot girl is shooting a robot, it's like shooting a mini-fridge. It doesn't matter.

The anti-male nonsense in this episode was off the charts. The dark cowboy was a loving husband & father for 30 years, he was a philanthropist but his wife killed herself because he was so nice, she thought, he might, some day, maybe, do something bad? And his daughter agreed with that? That was the stupidest rationalization for misandry I've ever heard.

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