Saturday, February 11, 2017


The Expanse
Season 2 Episode 1

They can cure radiation? I was sure MIller & Holden were going to die. That arm thing that cured them was pretty cool.

I did not expect Holden to bang Naomi. That seemed to come out of nowhere, of course they are the only two sane people on the ship. & life is short in the belt, I guess. 

Ugh Amos is back to annoy the hell out of me. I didn't enjoy seeing him almost kill the punisher, but the punisher is old, so it makes sense.

Bobbie wins 2nd place of annoying characters. Some angry war monger. It's like she wants a red badge of courage. She's a naive child who doesn't understand what's at stake.

Why did they destroy Phoebe station? That is just going to raise more questions.

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