Friday, February 17, 2017

Iron Sisters

Season 2 Episode 6

Aldertree was giving Issabelle vampire venom! How is that even allowed? He needs to be replaced with Lydia. This guy is just bad news & he didn't even tell her.

I think that Iron Sister was actually part of valentines circle. That rune on her neck looked like the one Hodge had on his neck.

They should have kept Simon living in his house with his mom. It's dumb that he's living with the werewolves. As much as I like the idea of him with that werewolf girl.

Magnus has banged 17,000 people? Alec should be wearing a hazmat suit when he's near him!

The Soul Sword wipes out all the Downworlders, Why haven't they used it before? What is the point of having Downworlders around? The Shadowhunters treat them all like monsters so why not eliminate them all & be done with it?

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