Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Riders on the Storm

Teen Wolf
Season 6 Episode 10

Really? The alpha couldn't fight & take down the Lowen wolf? They should have had Scott beat the living hell out of him & that should have made the ghost riders stop fighting. Up until this episode, they were taking orders from him. Instead everyone was fighting except Scott All he did was use the whip to pull the lever. It was really frustrating & like Stiles said, really anti-climactic. 

What happened to Stiles & Malia? I can't believe they ret-conned that out just so they could force the unbelievable Lydia/Stiles romance. That came out of nowhere & we were over it.

Why are they even bothering with part B to this season? Is it going to be like Pretty Little Liars where it's suddenly 5 years later? Why bother. Not even Stiles could save this season. Of course he was only in like 3 episodes.

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