Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Season 1 Episode 3

I like that they recruited Gawain. Hopefully they will get all the knights together & there can be more action soon.

Guinevere is living at Camelot now & Merlin knows what Arthur is thinking & that he dreamt of her so he tells Leontes they should get married there but Arthur is a selfish bastard & takes Guinevere's virginity on the morning of her marriage because she's a lying slut. Then she puts deer blood on the bed on her wedding night after her husband consummates the marriage.

It's too bad they didn't change this part of the Arthur legend. I think the only time where Guinevere doesn't initiate the cheating is in Mists of Avalon. They tried not to make her a selfish slut on Once Upon a Time.

I'm not sure why Morgan showed Merlin what she can do & it looked like she was bleeding after she did it. I wish they had not introduced Vivian. That was super annoying. But now Morgan can see through Arthur's eyes. Can she do it permanently now or only when she drinks his warm blood?

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