Friday, February 10, 2017

Second Chances

Season 5 Episode 11

I really like the way they incorporate the voice over introduction into actual dialogue. It makes it seem like the voice over is not some random intro to the show. 

I like how the Andromeda Ascendant got him to accept his dark side & gave him the idea for a costume, the only problem is that she said it takes patience to use a bow, but he's always running around & not shooting arrows. I guess it would be too dark a show if he sat in the shadows shooting arrows at bad guys from far away like one of those snipers.

I liked how he was hanging off that helicopter like a crazy person.

I did not like this Black Canary replacement. She even has the same name? So lame. They should have stuck with the Earth-2 Black Canary. So much fail, especially the way he revealed his secret identity to her so quickly. Ugh.

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