Thursday, February 9, 2017

Dead or Alive

The Flash
Season 3 Episode 11

This was a really good episode & so funny seeing Cisco with her. I liked how smoothly Cisco transitioned into hitting on that bounty hunter when she 1st showed up.

I've been asking for Gypsy for over a year now, but that is not Gypsy. I didn't get too upset with Vibe having completely different powers than he should have but now they introduced Gypsy & gave her his exact powers? That was terrible. What a stupid thing to do. They should have just given her some other name. Gypsy doesn't even apply to her powers.

I think it was kind of lame that because he knocked her down, she took that as a loss when earlier she had knocked him down a few times.

I think Barry should have let her take H.R. Wells, anything if it means changing the future. He should have asked her to come back to their earth in 4 months so she can help. Then they could teleport to save Iris.

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