Monday, February 27, 2017

Spectre Of The Gun

Season 5 Episode 13

Really? A gun control episode? What is happening to this show. The vigilantes who are breaking the law all the time are trying to talk about gun control? Who's idea was this?

The Green Arrow murders people with an arrow. As if there couldn't be more evidence that banning guns has no effect, because criminals like the Arrow will just murder with different weapons, meanwhile Mad Dog & Vigilante kill criminals with guns & the cops use guns to protect people. It was nonsense. Meanwhile Mr. Terrific was whining that he was more likely than Rene to get shot. But he left out the part that he was more likely to get shot by another black man. Plus he didn't mention if he was assuming that Mad Dog is Latino or white.

They should have just stuck to the Wild Dog origin story with the daughter. That was more interesting, besides at the end Oliver said the gun registry wouldn't have helped the husband because the criminal used an illegal gun. It was just a pointless argument to make in 45 minutes.

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