Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Legion of Doom

Season 2 Episode 10

This was a good episode with the Legion of Doom taking care of stuff. I like how their heist didn't work. Don't these super-villains know how to rob a bank?

I like how they explained why the Reverse-Flash needed them & how he even exists, now that Flashpoint was erased. The zombie Flash was chasing him, although I could have sworn he was turned into the zombie Flash. I forgot it was Zoom.

I don't know why Lily Stein would be mad that she's a "time aberration" it doesn't make any sense. If anything she should be gald that she exists. It means that she didn't before. Obviously he wanted kids the 2nd time around. He realized he made a mistake the 1st time he lived in the original timeline. I wish he had said that to her.

So are they bringing back Rip Hunter but as a bad guy?

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