Saturday, March 18, 2017

Attack on Central City

The Flash
Season 3 Episode 14

Barry has his own Justice League of Adventure!

Ugh, I still hate that they call her Gypsy, even though she's a pretty cool character.

I know heroes don't kill, especially the Flash, but we are talking about a gorilla that murders people. Barry is taking his love of Harambe way too seriously. I forgot that Solovar was still alive so that was smart that they got him to beat up Grodd. I think that him being in an Earth-1 prison is worse than living in Gorilla City. That was pretty stupid of him to return to Earth-1

Man, Earth-2 Wells is a dick, he just spit in Earth-19 Well's coffee cup. that was so awful.

Vibe is way too powerful, looking into the future, like nbd.

Barry asked her to marry him, he's changing the Savitar future, but he's ensuring the newspaper future where he disappears in a crisis!

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