Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Attack on Gorilla City

The Flash
Season 3 Episode 13

I don't know why they made it seem like Wally didn't stay in touch with Jesse. There are so many hours in the day & everyone has a smart phone, it just isn't realistic.

I know talking about realism where a guy travelled to a parallel earth to fight a psychic gorilla in a city of super-intelligent gorillas is a little crazy but they should have just had them say that they stayed in touch. It would make her wanting to stay on Earth-1 more believable. What, there are no guys on Earth-2? Give me a break.

The gorilla fight was pretty good. How could they trust Grodd. How dumb are they? They didn't even ask Solovar what the deal was. Earth-2 Harrison Wells should have known better.

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