Sunday, March 12, 2017

Free Radicals

Season 2 Episode 7

That explosion was pretty cool. of course like most terrorists, they are idiots. What did that acomplish? Nothing. It's going to bring down retribution on all the other innocent civilians.

I guess the count down is to make the terrorism more acceptable, despite how stupid it is & how they mostly kill other humans & make life difficult for everyone. That human colony congress, almost voted to destroy LA. Now what are they going to do?

Katie is a horrible sister. If I were Maddie, I wouldn't let he into my house ever again.

Bram is so stupid. I knew as Maya was stradling him, that she was using sex to keep him on their side. Just like Frankie at the beginning who killed the asthma guy. I am surprised that she kill herself though. she was a pretty valuable member of their cell.

It sure seems like this is turning out to be "To serve man"!

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