Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Red Scare

Season 1 Episode 16

This was a good season finale. They tied up a lot of stories & really took care of almost everything. It was a great idea to destroy Rittenhouse, with all that evidence. That was pretty smart using Lucy's grandfather like that.

What a shocking ending. I did not expect Lucy's mom to know about Rittenhouse. I'm also surprised that she doesn't care about her other daughter. I guess it was her cheating on her husband so she's ok with not having the extra daughter. It was a good way to keep the show going if it gets renewed. Plus she could write in her diary how Garcia got arrested.

Tat really sucks that he didn't get to save his family. At least Wyatt let Lucy know that he has feelings for her. Id didn't make any sense that only Jiya got unstuck from time. They were all in the Lifeboat, it should have happened to all of them.

The only problem was the stupid social justice warrior line, where Lucy called everyone who lived in the 50s a racist. It was so stupid & unnecessary.

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