Thursday, March 23, 2017

Tree People

Season 6 Episode 9

The season is almost over & they waste an episode on them going after an Ent & an evil Groot. The only good thing is that they used Japanese fairy tales this time, but neither one was a Wesen. It's also stupid that Grimm didn't chop down the Jubokko tree, because it protected the Kinoshimobe & it's still alive.

I liked that they had Nick writing about the Ent & evil Groot but it's annoying that they forgot about the royals & black claw. Instead they are doing this mirror skull? Who cares. Nobody is searching for the keys or the stick. It's bad. The people who do this show used to do Angel, they figured out how to do a last season at the last minute. How are the Grimm writers screwing up so bad, when they have so much to work with.

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