Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Season 1 Episode 5

This episode was ok. 

Arthur is starting to clean up the kingdom by starting to set the laws & getting people to see him as the final judge. It turned into Law & Order: Camelot Victims Unit but it wasn't too bad. It just didn't make sense that anyone would still support the "Head Man" when Arthur & Gawain were helping Colfur be exiled. The Head Man goes around banging everyone's daughters & wives. Why would any man in that village thinks that system should continue?

"Uther's daughter, Arthur's sister. You can't be defined by others. People need to know you for yourself."

Ii liked how the nun gave Morgan good advice about building alliances with influential people & Morgan says "You know nothing about politics." I also like how Morgan just slit that guys throat in front of everyone when she was riling them up against Arthur at Castle Pendragon.

Igraine & Merlin were dumb. That wasn't interesting at all.

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