Thursday, March 30, 2017

Land of The Lost

Season 2 Episode 13

Did Vixen just add T-Rex power to her totem? That was pretty cool. At first I thought they were never going to show Gertie, so that was pretty cool.

I like that The Atom brought up modern day Vixen. I forgot all about her. That means that this Vixen will have to return to her time at the end of this season.

Seeing Firestorm & White Canary in their costumes made me realize that the other 3 weren't in theirs. I get that The Atom suit is expensive but Vixen & Steel should be wearing their costumes all the time.

There was no "space shuttle" during Apollo 13, didn't the writers even watch the movie? The waverider as a girl, what am I watching, Andromeda?

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