Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Well-Tempered Clavier

Season 1 Episode 9

What a mess. So the Billy the kid story with malfunctioning Dolores took place years ago before that town was swallowed up by sand but when she was there she had a flashback to an even earlier time. Now she is re-tracing her steps all alone & Teddy is following her. We know this because Billy's fiance is the girl in the picture that Dolores's dad found on his farm in the 1st episode. 

It's an unnecessarily complicated timeline but I guess they want us to feel like the hosts do, a little disoriented. Also to show us that the androids were malfunctioning from the beginning, thanks to Arthur.

Billy murdering everyone seemed to come out of nowhere, his future brother-in-law seemed to be sincere about getting closer to him despite the mean things they said & did to each other. I was really disappointed that Billy is so stupid. I guess learning how it's all meaningless made him snap. That's also stupid. People don't just start brutally murdering after 1 night. It's like this show is trying to make nice guys out to be evil murderers waiting to snap.

Bernard is Arthur! Dolores killed Arthur! Didn't see that coming. How were all these things kept secret from everyone?

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