Thursday, March 23, 2017

No Place Like Home

Emerald City
Season 1 Episode 10

This show deserves to be cancelled.

What a mess. The lion kneeled to Ozma for no reason. They just refused to drop the "I'm a boy" SJW trans crap. It was pretty stupid that the witches all came back to life because "only a witch can kill a witch." So much of this show didn't make sense. Apparently anything can be "the beast forever." The skinless guy turned into a dragon. Jane didn't leave with her daughter.

Dorothy turned out to be the least interesting character on the show. She should have killed Silvie but nope. Dorothy finally using magic in this episode wasn't exciting either. She was just boring, the entire show.

West, once they dropped the drug use, & Princess Langwidere turned out to be the best characters on the show.

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