Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Good Intentions

Season 2 Episode 8

I like that Charlie was smart enough to hear & see that they were in danger. I'm so glad that religious nut was murdered. Will killing the red hand guys in the house was pretty cool.

That's the thanks he gets for not sending that mom to the factory. I knew that was a bad decision. Will got in trouble for letting the black kid escape so then he lets that mom escape, dumb. That's what terrorists do, kill each other.

Stupid Katie. She goes back to helping Broussard, she hasn't learned a thing. Meanwhile psycho religious girl threatened to steal Charlie away & where was his mom? Playing freedom fighter. Wait until she finds out that Hayley Scott set up Simon & then Broussard stabbed him. That guy just mentioned how they are like ISIS & then her team does the same thing. Is she going to stop & think how it could have been her? Of course not. Because she's so selfish & stupid.

Which is where Bram seems to have gotten it. Snyder told that stupid kid that the raps were going to kill everyone & they did, but that stupid kid was still being judgmental. Just like a retarded terrorist, angry & blaming everyone but taking no responsibility.

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