Tuesday, March 28, 2017

By the Light of Dawn

Season 2 Episode 10

I did not see that coming! That was a brilliant fake out by Valentine. This guy is not only right about ridding the world of monsters, he's also a patient genius! Jace has angel blood! Did Jocelyn know this? She obviously knew he wasn't her son. That's a twist, he's in the friendzone now!!

It was a really good episode, I can't believe they killed all those downworlders! I wish Valentine had slashed them somehow or swung the sword at least, instead of just waving it in the air. But they can't show that kind of carnage on this show.

That little witch girl is annoying. It was pretty dumb that the Shadow Hunters didn't kill or capture her, just because she's a kid. What kind of supernatural police are they?

OMG, Raphael is an asexual vampire? Give me a break. That is the stupidest thing.

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