Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cracking the Code


I thought General Toby was dead & Molly was going to go on the run with JD but he was wearing a bullet proof vest.

Humanichs really did a bad job of programming that teenage T-X. She does not follow orders. They were supposed to be building a robot soldier, not some robot lone wolf. She had better be able to take on two lame drug dealers or he should quit making robots.

That manicure machine was pretty cool & the automat has replicators! That's good that they are experimenting on the spores.

Kelsey is really stupid, she comes to JD for help & then whines & calls him a bad dad. Has she even mentioned who the father is?

Molly is just slutting it up, she slept with that fat guy from the automat & then tried to sleep with JD. Is that because she is emulating the spore alien life cycle?

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