Friday, March 24, 2017

Child's Play

Sleepy Hollow
Season 4 Episode 9

This show really is for man-hating feminists. The black guy couldn't handle a girls's obstacle course & once again Ichabod was sidelined, on his own show, trapped in a room. Then Jake & Alex are suddenly friends? After she lied to him to get free lunch out of him. What a great friend.

At first I was annoyed that they were blatantly ripping off the movie 9, but I guess their making the 9 sigil glow was their admission to it. And they did admit that they had done this story before. What was the point of this episode, mother-daughter drama? This show should be cancelled.

If they send Ichabod back in time to the League of Extraordinary Americans & Ichabod ruined the timeline by constantly talking about modern stuff, that would be great. but they would never do that, so I'm really glad this is the last season.

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