Thursday, March 16, 2017


Season 2 Episode 14

Mon-El was right. Not enough people apologized to him, even if he wasn't diplomatic about it. All that matters is that he's right. He should have asked Jeremiah how Jeremiah knew who he really was. Now Cadmus has the DEO’s list of every alien in the U.S. Not good.

Normally, nobody should take relationship advice from Winn, but in this case it's accurate. But in the end Supergirl is just a girl, crying about her dad. After they called her a feminist, lol! then Alex was crying too. Every time they pull that crap, they end up having no choice but to contradict it.

Jeremiah is a cyborg. Where is Max Lord when you need him.

So was that an enormous ship to send the aliens away? What was that?

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