Friday, March 17, 2017

Bound by Blood

Season 2 Episode 9

Simon is way out of the friendzone now but Raphael is still biting Isabel's wrist? So lame. How awkward when that Seelie guy, is like "I recognize that perfume" in other words "I hit that before you" So gross.

Is Maia still jealous about Simon & Clary? She's not wrong about killing Clary but really, they should be killing the downworlders. Maia just tried to kill Clary, which means the downworlders would probably try to kill an angel if they could. More evidence that Valentine is right. Simon better hope he isn't murdered.

They need to get rid of Aldertreee & bring back Lydia. Alec needs to stop blaming everyone & take responsibility for ignoring his sister while he's been with Magnus all the time.

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