Friday, March 3, 2017

Lions in Winter

Emerald City 
Season 1 Episode 8

Dorothy finally used her ruby slippers. I'm not sure why she decided to kill Glinda, instead of talking to her about what is happening with the witches. It doesn't make any sense. Glinda may be hurting some of them, but the wizard is killing them. Dorothy doesn't seem to think very much before she

So Tip is the lost Princess of Oz? I guess it makes sense the way that she was in hiding.

Wait, The Wizard was actually surprised that she turned against him? She threated to destroy Emerald City to his face.

Jack actually left Queen Langwidere! What a jerk, he just banged her the night before. He is in
the wrong here & is acting like a spoiled brat. Her father just died & now she's the queen & he is
whining because she is busy working. Didn't he develop feelings for her? Was he just lying? Where is he going? He needs oil & has nowhere to go.

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