Monday, March 13, 2017

The Villain That's Become

Emerlad City
Season 1 Episode 9

OMG, the SJW nonsense in this episode was almost too much.

Stupid Osma kept whining that she was really a boy, even though she was only a boy because that apothecary drugged her. If anything, this episode was a condemnation of trans weirdos abusing their children by giving them hormones to make them something other than what they were born as. Luckily she came to her senses & became a girl again. It was so stupid.

The wizard wasn't as stupid as I thought he was. I liked how he sent those assassins in with the gold. He's still stupid for giving her the tech to build guns. He should have invaded the city before he gave her the gun.

Also, it was pretty dumb how he gave her a handgun & they created rifles.

Can Jack be more annoying? This show is becoming blatantly Misandrist. The Scarecrow, the Lion, the Tin Man & the Wizard are all male & evil selfish murderers. I'm glad it's going to be cancelled.

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