Friday, March 31, 2017

I Was Feeling Epic

The Vampire Diaries
Season 8 Episode 16

I didn't think this episode was going to be very good after the disappointing season so far. Especially when they stopped killing Vicki & just let her ring the bell every 5 minutes. The bell should have hurt all the witches but it didn't do anything. They just threw all the rules of this show out the window this last season. Even though I liked seeing all the characters come back, how are they even ghosts? The veil was destroyed, the other side, even the stupid Kade hell. It made no sense. Even the flashforward to when everyone is dead & Elena saw her parents & sister again.

They brought back Jeremy for 1 second. I can't believe they were still trying to sell that Bonenzo thing.

The speech between Damon & Stephen was really good. I'm so glad it ended with them instead of Damon & Elena. It makes much more sense for the show to end on the brothers & their relationship. It was really good the way they each tried to sacrifice themselves for each other & how they both tried to atone for the bad they did. That was a really good scene. It ended up being a really good episode because of that.

Elena's return was so anti-climactic, like, who cares. Plus Nina Dobrev made it so obvious she didn't want to be there.

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