Friday, March 31, 2017

The Seventh Man

The Expanse
Season 2 Episode 7

Ugh, Sargent Bobbie Draper's is alive. I'm glad that she was an emotional wreck. All that tough talk & she ended up crying & unable to deal with what happened on Ganymede. She still has a mouth on her, she hasn't learned. Maybe she'll grow up when she goes to Earth. I really hope Crisjen puts her in her place.

That red snowflake was actually blood, so cool.

You want to be that real boy again, to feel how you felt before the world broke you. The safety of your mother's embrace. But you cauterized all that in order to survive. You don't want that back again. Stomp out those last embers & you'll be free of it.

How could Fred Johnson nominate Anderson Dawes like that. He should have known better. So was that kid out there is space waiting for Anderson's ship to fly by so that the Rocinante would find him instead of Dawes? If so that would be awesome.

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