Tuesday, March 28, 2017



Season 2 Episode 15

Wow, I did not expect Martian Manhunter to trick Alex like that, it was believable too. Ouch. Jeremiah at least wasn't evil, so that was good.

I'm with Lillian, deport them all! I'm surprised that Lena helped, is this still part of her long-con? That spaceship scene was really good. I can't believe that Jimmy actually wasted time to get into his Guardian outfit.

it's ironic that Snapper keeps talking about journalistic ethics but then he says stupid things like "putting a fascist" in the white house. Which is just the kind of innaccurate, biased crap that he is arguing against. Besides, his president is Wonder Woman.

Kara should have known not to blog that story, she deserved to be fired. The DEO should have had a copy of that list somewhere & just notified each alien individually. Why did they fire her from Catco? To save money on extras? 

Why are Lois Lane & Captain Dylan Hunt invading Earth??

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