Sunday, March 19, 2017

The New Frontier


Oh no, Molly has the alien mind control power. So she's been slutting it up because she is totally infected by alien spores. They must have changed her DNA & now she's a hybrid. She better stay away from Lucy or she will be stabbed in the back of the neck.

That black Cameron killed that dude in broad daylight like it was nothing. Everyone so was so glad that she killed a hybrid which means they won't send Agent Ellison after her!

I can't believe they are letting Molly get Ethan back; That was such a stupid decision. He's a robot, not a child. The whole point of HomSec taking over Humanichs is because Ethan is dangerous & then they turn around & give him to Molly because he's wearing pajamas? If anything they should force Ethan to have his GPS always on & put in more restrictions on his OS.

Julie was right, Molly can't take care of a kid, even if she wasn't infected by spores.

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