Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Falling Water
Season 1 Episode 5

So her non-existent son is some mutant that White Sands are selling to international bidders. I don't see why he's so valuable, apparently wearing green sneakers or dreaming about green stuff let's you control your dreams & all sorts of people can share dreams on this show.

Maybe it's because the kid can live in the dreamworld & dream things into coming true in the real world. That's why he can only be found in dreams but not IRL. 

But this isn't interesting. When the black guy quits his job after the pothead vanishes from his car. Was he asleep? Did it really happen? I don't care. 

The cop is still pursuing that therapist after she told him he's never going to have sex with her. What a pathetic loser he is. Any normal man would talk to the blond neighbor, he's dreamed about her & saw her when he was investigating a crime. So dumb.

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