Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Father of Lies

The Exorcist
Season 1 Episode 7

For a minute there I thought they were going to kill Casey, but I guess bringing her mom convinced the demon to keep her alive in order to get revenge on Angela. It looks like next episode is going to be pretty nasty. The problem though, is that we don't know that much about Angela in order for the demon to insult her.

The dad is still inconsistent, I just ignore him.

Bad father Tomas! Banging that girl while preaching in church, he's turned into a hypocrite. I'm surprised he didn't mention the principle of double effect, when he was talking to the fat lady.

Father Bennett is a warrior priest! He was able to fight off those possessed dudes & still prayed for them. He has turned out to be awesome. He may not have won that argument with the Pope committee but he will.

I can't believe the nuns want to kill Casey. Have the nuns been killing possessed people all this time!?

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