Monday, November 21, 2016

Here Is No Water But Only Rock

Season 1 Episode 8

This is a crazy show with no rules, no purpose or goal & that's been ok so far, but this episdode was terrible.

After talking about how nobody could survive the volcano, the dad leaves the shelter to get Dana & they hang out under the RV. I'm pretty sure lava would flow on the ground & melt them to death. Then they decided to make her suddenly claustrophobic but only on her face. She was under an RV, she has been in the RV & never showed signs of claustrophobia, it didn't make any sense.

Then the brother was panicking trying to get out of the shelter for no good reason instead of waiting & he actually lit a fire wasting their oxygen. It was really stupid.

The mom & her hallucaination about the scientist & the bullet & the excaped prisoner she shot was also terrible. She's a soldier & was justified in shooting those criminals, the guilt was stupid.

What a waste of an episode. It would have been better if they just started the episode after the volcanic explosion with them trying to find the mom & spent more time on the road getting to their destroyed farm.

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