Saturday, November 12, 2016

Star of the Morning

The Exorcist
Season 1 Episode 6

Whoa, Chicago is overrun with Satan worshippers.

It's turning into a version of Supernatural now and that's not a complaint. I was wondering how they would do a tv show about this. Father Tomas eating squash, bad priest! They need to explain what he did with Cassie when she was controlling him.

The BLM crap was annoying. If those black people were part of father Tomas's church they would have been in the news too. Although, it's Chicago, there are so many black deaths every week, nobody cares anymore. So funny to see actors from Boss on this show, I guess it's filmed on location.

I thought the people who were going to perform the demon summoning ritual were going to be a satanic group, I did not expect it to be community & church leaders. Are they misguided Catholics or did Satanists infiltrate the Catholic church to get access to this stuff? The pope is coming, are they going to kill the pope? or infect him? Are they seriously trying to summon the actual devil!?

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