Thursday, November 17, 2016

An Eternity of Misery

The Vampire Diaries
Season 8 Episode 4

Matt is back!! Please please, let the last episode be Matt killing the Salvatore brothers. I would love that so much. I really hope he is better at fighting vampires now.

So the sirens are just working for some telepath guy who created his own "other side" just like Qetsiyah did. I'm guessing the Sirens are unaware of that so they called it Hell. Because it's no different from the Stone that Rayna sent vampires into & that 90s hell dimension that the Gemini Coven banished Mon-El to.

I did not expect for them to kill off Georgie so soon. I guess she could come back, the way other people did from the other hell dimensions, the question is: She's not supernatural so how was Arcadius able to steal her soul? Does he only steal humans but not supernatural creatures & that's why they can go to the other places?

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