Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Season 1 Episode 6

What are they doing with this show? Everyone has become unlikeable.

Raimy is a stalker bitch who talks back to her dad.
Julie is a bitch who starts dating as soon as they are separated because she had no intention of saving their marriage.
Satch was made out to be a dirty cop who is working with Stan Moreno.

And now they decided to make Frank be a cheating husband. The only way they can save this show is to make that a fake relationship that he was forced into, in order to keep his cover.

Then they had Metatron introduce the 11.22.63 theory of history correcting itself. It obviously doesn't apply to this show. If it did, then Moreno would have killed Frank a few years after Raimy saved him, not 20. The show would have been better if they had done that, then Frank & Raimy would have to work together to stop both murders.

What was the point of introducing a guy like Metatron? To say she's not the only one? There are other people changing the past? Are they going to make her a Time Cop in future seasons?

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