Sunday, November 6, 2016


The Flash
Season 3 Episode 5

"Sumptuous day!"

This was a good episode even though the monster was a hologram. They did a good job of showing all the damage was done by people panicking.

Draco Malfoy being bad, he was right to have a gun & he had a point about meta-humans being criminals. It was pretty funny how he referenced Flash's reason to be there.

"Murder on The Titanic"
"Who did it? - Who cares, we're drowning."

HR Wells. That was pretty smart. They should have a different wells every 5 episodes. Maybe they'll bring back Steampunk Wells.

"Even I've seen Empire."

Caitlin's mom was a bad mom, but that assistant went nuts really fast. Killer Frost!! I thought they weren't going to do it because we already saw her on Earth-2. I hope they do flashbacks to this timeline's adventures with Earth-2 Killer Frost.

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